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42nd Pennsylvania volunteer
reserves, 1st. Rifles.
American Civil War reenactment group.

In the early days of the Civil war two ambitious men set out to organise special rifle regiments when President Lincoln issued a call for troops after the battle at Bull Run. These men were Hiram Berdan and Thomas L Kane.

Berdan was given permission by the National Government to organise the 1st and 2nd US Sharpshooters.

Governor Curtin of Pennsylvania gave Thomas Kane permission to organise a
rifle battalion. This battalion were soon to become famous as the Pennsylvania Bucktails. More about the original Bucktails..
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About Company I
- The original Company I, (McLean County Rifles) was mustered into service on May 30th 1861 and was commanded by Captain William T Blanchard. More about the original Co I... 

The reenactment group was founded in 1985 by Bryan (Beau) Garoghan, who commanded the unit until 1997 when he stepped back into the ranks, and command of the unit was passed on to Lt. Clive Hooker. More about the reenactment group...

In April 1861, when word was received of Kane's recruiting for the regiment, the companies that eventually became C, G, and I, gathered on the upper reaches of the Susquehanna River and floated by raft to Lock Haven, where they then boarded trains to Harrisburg. Before leaving home, the men of Company I, recruited in McKean County, received a wool bunting flag to take with them. The lead raft carried this flag. More about the Co I. colour...

If you are interested in joining or in what we do drop us an e-mail at info@bucktails.co.uk or visit our recruitment page for more information. We have members of all ages from 13 to 60+. View the current Co I. roll call...

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